Thursday, August 6, 2009

Our Trip to Lancaster: Cherry Crest Farm

During our planning for this trip, one thing we definitely wanted to do was the Strasburg Railroad. I noticed on their website that they partner with Cherry Crest Farm and offer a discount if you purchase a package. I figured we'd go for it, since we'd been to both before and knew Caleb would love it.

My mom went on the website and, after some digging, found that Teacher Appreciation Day was going to occur while we were there! Thanks Mom!! We'd done this before when Caleb was six months old and too little to enjoy anything they had to offer. Cherry Crest Farm AND Strasburg Railroad gave teachers with an ID free tickets to each and a goody bag filled with stuff! Since we were going to go to both places anyway, this saved us a good chunk of change! (ahhh, I do so love a good deal!)

We went to the farm first, and Caleb got a kick out of looking at the animals...although he seemed whether bored with the cows and chickens at that point. I guess spending a week with them makes them rather commonplace! He loved the pigs (HUGE PIGS!) and baby goats though. He also really enjoyed petting the newly hatched chicks. They were so new that one of their siblings wasn't even out yet!! Unfortunately, one unsuspecting poor chick nearly got squeezed to death by the overzealous toddler in the background of the picture. I'm glad I didn't witness a murder!

In addition to animals, the farm has all sorts of games: pumpkin chucking (although right now it's tennis balls because the pumpkins are too small--a tad bit disappointing!), a big bouncing pillow, mining for treasures, a mechanical bull, a bungee puzzle, and of course several corn mazes. They also had two slides built into the hill. One was a tube slide and one was a double open slide. Two people could only go down together on the tube, so that's what we did. He loved it and went a bunch of times with Matt and once with me. Matt was the photographer when I went down with Caleb--can you tell??

Caleb's favorite parts were the two wagon rides we took. One was a wagon train pulled by a big tractor, and one was actually a tour of the farm and its history. While he didn't care too much for the lecture, he liked the horse made out of flowers...AND the tour guide let him get up on his HUGE tractor! I witnessed a dream come true for my little boy. He was in heaven.

I had originally planned to write about the Strasburg Railroad together with Cherry Crest Farm, but it's late and this post is long. I'll save that one for later!

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