Monday, August 10, 2009

Not Me! Monday!

I haven't done this in a while, but I'm sure I can think of a few things today!!

I have not become so accustomed to poop balls all over our house that it doesn't phase me to just pick them up and flush them down the toilet. What's more, I definitely did NOT find a stray poop ball in a corner while my mother in law was here visiting. My child is completely potty trained and never poops his pants. NEVER...

I was not freaking out at the prospect of my upcoming massage because I was so nervous to be topless with a stranger! I did not ask several people their advice about what to wear, and I definitely did not switch my outfit several times before Matt finally convinced me to just bring shorts with me. Of course, I did not find myself thoroughly enjoying my massage and telling my husband to get me a gift certificate for Christmas!

Matt's lawmower didn't breakdown AGAIN when our grass was in dier need of being cut. Our neighbor didn't take pity on us and actually drive his tractor over here to mow our grass because he saw Matt fighting with the mower. (side note: Matt actually cut the grass using Barry's tractor--we weren't about to let him cut our grass!) Of course, I didn't go into hospitality mode and make a big pasta dinner with peach cobbler as a thank you to our pasta-loving neighbor!

I did not make over 120 pendnats last week while Matt was basically MIA. I spend my hours pining away for my too-often-gone husband, not using my time wisely. I mostly sit by the window with a candle burning waiting for the headlights to turn into the driveway...didn't you know that?

During Shawn and Rachel's rehearsal, I was not snacking on sunflower seeds and root beer the entire time because I didn't eat any lunch. I was not secretly glad I did when I saw that the rehearsal dinner was almost all meat-full.

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