Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Our Trip to Lancaster: Hershey and the Grundens

On Thursday, we went to Hershey to visit an antique car museum and go to Chocolate World. The antique car museum was cool...for the first 10 minutes. Matt lasted about 30 minutes, but Caleb absolutely LOVED IT! So, we endured, for the sake of our antique car-crazed little boy. It was three levels: the main level was just a mix of old cars and trucks, the basement was motorcycles and buses, and the top floor was all kinds of car awards, a few specialty vehicles, and a kids' room.

The one thing I really did enjoy was the murals. For an antique car museum, they had some ridiculously detailed murals all over the place! This one is of the Golden Gate Bridge.

Caleb was rather reluctant to get his picture taken in front of a lot of the cars (he's in that phase), but he very willingly smiled for this of the earliest Hondas! He's a Honda man, I suppose!

The bus I'm standing in front of was actually used in Forrest Gump as the bus Forrest rode on when he joined the army. That made the whole thing worth it for me!

You couldn't go inside the buses, but this one didn't have the strap across it like the others. Of course, Matt knew that meant that it was okay for Caleb to go in and drive!! (A few minutes later, a man came and put the strap up...) After that, Matt just held Caleb up so that he could look through the windows.

The motorcycles were all the same to me, but they did have one that the kids could climb on or sit in the side car. They had dress up clothes too...but I wasn't about to let him do that...ewwww!

After spending a looooong morning at the car museum, we headed to Chocolate World. I remember this ride having a really lengthy wait back when I was a kid. Not anymore! When we got in line, we could already see the cars. It was seriously five minutes MAX! I didn't take any pictures here, but Caleb liked the ride a lot. There were singing cows and all, so that entertained him. By the way, did you know that the milk in Hershey's chocolate gives it it's NUTRITIONAL VALUE?!?! You don't have to feel guilty eating that chocolate bar anymore! :)

We swung by Middletown and picked up the lovely lady Kim Grunden. She and her husband Rick are good friends of ours and we seriously enjoy their company. Although they live a few hours away, we try to get together whenever we can!

Rick is a doctor in Lancaster, so he met us at a miniature golf place. We played MOST of a round (we had to quit early because SOMEONE missed a nap and was ridiculously grumpy!) and then went to Cracker Barrel--yum! After dealing with much more whining throughout dinner, we headed back to our rental house, showed them around "our" farm, put the whiny boy to bed, and had pleasant adult conversation! Although Kim and Rick probably think we are horrible parents...or that we have a horrible child...or both...we still enjoyed hanging out with them! :) No pictures of any of that either though...I don't know what I was thinking!

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