Friday, August 14, 2009

Our Trip to Lancaster: The Strasburg Railroad

This will be the last segment about our trip to Lancaster...*tear* There is something terribly disappointing about the last day of vacation. Because of my work schedule during the year, it is virtually impossible to take any kind of vacation except during the summer. On the last day of the trip you've looked forward to for months, it's rather sad to think that you have to wait a whole year to do something like this as a family again. Sigh...I'm becoming depressed. I'd better post some pictures and narrate our ride on the train!

After we left Cherry Crest Farm, we drove a short distance to the Strasburg Railroad. Caleb really loves trains, so we knew this would be right up his alley. We already had our tickets and there were about 20 minutes before the next train departed, so we killed a little time in the shops and let Caleb look at the Thomas gear.

We got on the train and were able to sit in a car with only a few other people. It really wasn't crowded at all for a summer day. The train ride took us through lots of lovely farmland, and the conductor told us about a ghost train that blows its horn when the train blows its. (It's an echo, but don't tell Caleb. He SERIOUSLY thought it was a ghost!)

His favorite part was definitely waving hello to all of the people in the passing train. He waved and yelled "hi" to every single person he saw! Caleb also liked hanging his head out the window, but we only allowed him to do that when the train wasn't moving.

After we left the train, we watched one of the workers put water in the engine. Caleb was fascinated by it, and I got some fun photos of the railroad worker!

Of course, how could we possibly leave Lancaster County without taking the touristy buggy picture that probably every person who has ever been to the Strasburg Railroad has climbed on????

And then we went home.

And Caleb slept for 2 1/2 hours.

But it took us 5 hours to get home because Matt refuses to sit in traffic.

And I witnessed an arrest of an attempted shoplifter in Target and proceeded to cower behind a register with Caleb(we were RIGHT there when it happened!) just in case he had a gun and decided to go on a shooting spree.

And we drove through some "interesting" areas of Baltimore (again, to avoid traffic.)

And we drove right through where a nasty tornado had hit just earlier that day and saw the same golf course we drove by on the news that night!

So, if you thought the adventure ended in Lancaster, you were wrong my friends! Matt makes every drive interesting! :)

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