Monday, August 31, 2009

Quack, Quack!

On the Monday before I headed back to school, we took Caleb to Baltimore.  Matt had been itching to ride the ducks We knew Caleb would love to ride the ducks, which are special vehicles used in WWII that can both ride on land and float in water. 
Did you know that Eisenhower said they were the reason the USA won the war?  We wouldn't have won the Battle of Normandy if it hadn't been for these little ditties.  There's your history lesson for the day.
Anyway, we got our tickets as soon as we got there and killed some time until it was our departure time.  Matt Caleb was incredibly excited!  Matt and Caleb sat in the seat behind me because we couldn't all fit on the same bench.  Despite the heat and lack of air conditioning, it was a ton of fun.  Our driver, Captain Privateer, was really silly and actually encouraged us to "quack" along to the songs he played!  We learned quite a bit of Baltimore history in addition to lots of boats.
When we first went into the water, Caleb was a little nervous.  I don't think he was quite sure that it would actually float!  He relaxed though and seemed to enjoy himself. 
It was a fun little trip.  I might blog about a few other exciting tidbits of the day, but not tonight.  It's bed time...working full-time is exhausting!! amazingly exhilarating!  (Can you tell I'm thoroughly enjoying my new editing software for Blogger?????)  :)

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