Sunday, August 2, 2009

Our Trip to Lancaster: The Farm

I decided to report about our trip by doing it in segments. We had a wonderful trip and there is just too much to tell in one post! I can be much more detailed by focusing on one thing at a time.

We stayed at Meadow View K Farm, which is a beautiful working dairy farm. They have 100 dairy cows, 7 chickens, a million cats, and a sweet miniature horse. While the cows are named when they are registered (kind of like registering your dog with the AKC), the only true pet is Sonny the horse. The cats are just kind of there...all over the place! (Thankfully, they are kept outside. When we first got there, we were afraid that they were INSIDE cats, which would have made for a miserable me all week!)

The guest house that we stayed in is attached to the main house, which is 130 years old. There are so many cute nooks and crannies that come with an old house that I just loved exploring. They even have the original glass in many of the windows (as is evidenced by the stained wallpaper from the leaking!) You can see the house on the website, but here are a few more detailed pictures of some of my favorite parts of the house.

I would say my favorite thing about being on the farm was being with all of the animals. I call myself a dog person, but I'm really just an animal person (except for cats, but that's mostly because they make my eyes water!) I absolutely LOVED talking with the cows, feeding Sonny carrots, soothing the newly moved teenaged cow that was having trouble adjusting to her surroundings, bottle-feeding a one-week-old calf, and gathering eggs from the chickens. Matt didn't seem to get the same enjoyment out of it as Caleb and I did!

Barry and Sharon, our hosts, were very sweet people who were obviously very proud of their farm. Barry grew up on this farm and later took it over. In fact, they lived in the guest house that we stayed in when they first got married! Barry taught us a lot about dairy farming (for example, did you know that when a cow has twins that are a male and a female that the male takes all of the reproductive parts for both of them??? I sure didn't!!). Sharon was so warm and loved to talk with us. She allowed Caleb to feed one of the week-old calves (they didn't know that the mother was pregnant with twins until the second one came out!), let us have the eggs we gathered (have you ever had fresh eggs???), and even brought Caleb a little goody bag with lots of "Got Milk?" items in it. They were just wonderful.

My parents camped near Dutch Wonderland while they were there, but I think that they realized that they should have stayed with us! This house is definitely on our list of places to go to again. If anyone is looking for a nice place to rent with plenty of room, check out the farm. It's just 15 minutes away from the heart of Lancaster, so it is in a great location.

Next up: Dutch Wonderland!

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