Tuesday, August 23, 2011

How Can I be Mad at This Face???

This is the face of a girl who chose to play with her feeding tube instead of sleep. 

She managed to soak her outfit (that she'd worn for all of 10 minutes because she leaked through her diaper onto her first one!), get the sheet all wet, and splatter milk all over her face and the crib.  I caught her swinging it over her head like a lasso.  I wish I'd gotten a video of her.  She thought she was hot stuff!

Honestly, I just laughed.  I can't be mad at her because I'm so thankful she's doing this!  Whenever I get exaspirated because she throws her spoon, disconnects her g-tube, or knocks something over, I remind myself that there was a time when we didn't think she'd be here.  So I'm thankful for the messes I have to clean up, and I smile when I change her outfit for the third time that day, and I laugh at her antics, because this is all part of the opportunity I have to be her mom.  :)

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MaryJo Bevard said...

You can't be mad at her. She's 10 mo. old and doing exactly what she's supposed to do. Exploring her world and testing her boundaries. That's a right of passage for everybody and Abby is no exception to that rule!! Abby...next time make sure you get milk on Momma's face!