Monday, August 1, 2011

Super Late

I am soooo late posting Abby's 9 month pictures.  In the spirit of full disclosure, I was actually really late taking them!  It's the first time I haven't taken them on the 22nd of the month.  In my defense, we were at Dutch Wonderland on July 22nd!  We didn't forget that it was her 9 month birthday though.  How could I ever forget that???  We just forgot to bring the sticker and do the photo shoot.  At any rate, here are Abby's 9 months + a week pictures!

She is SUCH a good sitter now and can sit totally unsupported for a good half an hour or more (unless something--like an overly loving 4 year old--causes her to lose her balance!)  She really loves Caleb's rocking chair and you can tell she thinks she's hot stuff when she's in it. 

I am really pleased with the progress the helmet is making on her head shape.  We're definitely seeing a difference...good thing!!

This girl can give some sweet little smiles!

She loves to suck her bottom lip in and feel her teeth. 

Can you tell this was right after I took her helmet off for the pictures?!

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mom said...

A 9 month old miracle!