Thursday, August 25, 2011

The Carrot Test

For a recent playdate, I served carrots and dip as part of lunch in a L&L container.  I put the leftovers back in the fridge in the same container, while the rest of the bag of carrots that I didn't serve stayed in a Ziploc bag within the original packaging. 

The other day, I pulled out my carrots while I was making a veggie tray.  Note that these were all out of the same original package of carrots.  This is what I found.

These are the carrots that were in the Ziploc bag.  Gross, huh?

These were in the Lock and Lock container.  I did absolutely nothing to them before I took this picture!  (The pictures is unedited, too!)

Lock and Lock: 1
Ziploc: 0

Guess which carrots got used for the veggie tray????

I knew that L&L was airtight and that they helped to keep food fresher.  But this accidental experiment definitely solidified it for me!! 

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