Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Tea, Anyone?

I don't think I've ever brewed my own tea using real tea leaves before.  In fact, I didn't realize until I was pretty old that you could do that!  You mean, they don't grow on the trees in those little Lipton bags?!

But if I ever start brewing my own tea, I'm all set to do it now.  I got a travel mug for being a L&L supporter that has a removable strainer.


You can put your tea leaves in the bottom of the mug, pour hot water over it, and then drink it without worrying about swallowing leaves. 

If you're a brew-your-own-tea drinker, I'm sure this is ingenius.  For me, I'll just take out the little strainer and have myself a nice travel mug.  It has a nice flip lid that I'm sure is leak-proof, since most L&L products are.  That means I can throw it in my school bag and not worry about getting paperwork all wet! 

I like the greens and the leafy print.  Are those tea leaves?  I have no idea.  Mine always come crushed up in the little bag, so I can't really see them.  :)

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