Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Soda Pop Tops

The Ronald McDonald House collects soda pop tops, turns them in to a collection site, and gets money for the metal in them.  Individually, it's a very small amount...but lots of tops turn into gas money to run the shuttle!!  (This is the shuttle that takes families to the different hospitals and picks them up, so it's a really vital part of RMH and one that I utilized quite a bit when Abby was at the Mount!) 

If you'd like a really easy way to help out RMH, just save your soda pop tops!  If you're local, just send them my way when you've gathered some and I'll take them with me the next time I volunteer.  If you're a bit farther away, just mail them directly to RMH, or take them to your local recycling center and mail RMH the check!  You can visit here for more information!

Start saving those soda pop tops!  :)

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Erin and Scott said...

sent some along with Matt so ask him for them.....