Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Jump Around!

Abby has a new-to-her toy!  Our therapist suggested that she might be ready for a Johnny Jump-Up.  It would be really good for strengthening her leg muscles and working on bouncing and standing.  One problem:  we don't have any doorframes on the main floor of our house except going to the basement, and I'm not really all about hanging my baby precariously over a flight of stairs.  My sister has a Jumparoo, which is basically the same thing on a stationary saucer, so we borrowed it.  Abby loves it!  Check her out!!

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Amy Morris said...

Happy to see Abby doing so well. Have you gotten the new style feeding bags yet? We got a supply at work and they are a big pain. Obviously designed by someone who never uses them. Hope all goes well with Abby in her crib and her room. Your one great Momma. :)