Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Ronald McDonald House

On the 14th, Matt brought some teens from the youth group to RMH for a carnival.  Despite the poor weather conditions, we had a lot of fun!!  The group we took had awesome attitudes and were really all about helping the kids enjoy themselves.  We were really proud of them.

The RMH kids played wackamole, bowling, ring toss, topple cans, and balancing act.  They got candy for every game they played and picked a bigger prize if they won.  Pretty much every kid went away with multiple prizes and a bag full of candy!

They were also able to get temporary tattoos or get their nails painted.  I did balloon animals--the dog on a leash, flowers, and swords were their favorites! 

The ever-so-talented Sammi made an awesome cake for the residents!  Even though she wasn't able to be there to watch them enjoy it, it was so sweet of her to think of them. 

A few super-cute little girls wanted to paint the teens' nails...which turned into painting hands, arms, legs, and faces!  They had a ball though!!

The final products of the "art class"

I think it's safe to say that we are growing a generation of RMH lovers at our church.  It's awesome that they are able to show God's love in such a tangible way just by giving their time and energy to some great kids.  Here's to many more trips to RMH!!

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