Sunday, August 7, 2011

Sitting Pretty!

The other day, Caleb, Abby, and I went outside to play.  Caleb drew with chalk on the driveway while Abby pulled up grass and tried to eat it.  They both had a blast!  (In case anyone feels like I neglect to take pictures of Caleb, I don't.  He refuses to let me take any.  I tried to coax him into sitting for a few minutes during this photo shoot, but to no avail.  So when he can't find any pictures of himself as a little boy when his fiancee is working on the picture montage for the wedding, he'd better no come crying to me!  :) )

Isn't this a sweet little dress?  It's very light and summery.  And it's searsucker.  That's a term I just recently learned.  I always called it that-bumpy-material-that-always-looks-wrinkled.  Who knew?

Looking at her brother, of course!

And again with the brother watching.  What does he see in him?!  :)


mom said...

I know another little girl who wouldn't let us take pictures when she was little.

Anonymous said...

With my grandson, I learned to take "action" shots. He was always busy. Just a thought with Caleb.
Tric Gillette