Thursday, August 11, 2011

Birthday Buddies!

Happy birthday to my nephew "Mouse" (as his family calls him online!) and my niece Anna!  They are birthday buddies, so I figured I'd wish both of them a happy birthday.  :)

Mouse turns three today, but this is his first birthday that he's able to celebrate with his forever family.  He was brought home from China right before Christmas and has quickly wiggled his way into the hearts of so many!  This sweet, cuddly little boy loves to give hugs and is so friendly to everyone!  He loves cars and wrestling, and he's alllllllll boy! 

Anna's first birthday is today, and she's such a little monkey girl!  She loves to climb and get into things.  She's already walking, so now she's virtually unstoppable!  I love this girl's toothy grin, her piercing blue eyes, and the way she babbles.  I have a feeling (ooooh oooooh!  Sorry, I couldn't resist!) that Abby and Anna are going to be quite the pair of little rascals pretty soon.

Happy birthday to two of our cute nieces and nephews!  We love you both!

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