Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Where Were You When the Earth Started Shaking...

I was at home, in the middle of Abby's physical therapy session.  The therapist and I looked at each other in mild alarm.  My first thought was that it was thunder, so I went to the door to look out.  When I saw the blue sky, I thought that it was some kind of big truck or construction.  Walking back across the room, the big tremor came and I got down on the ground.  I looked at T again and said, "I think it's an earthquake!!"  Caleb was asleep and never came down.  He said he felt it, but was too tired to get out of bed.  :)  Abby didn't really seem to notice. 

Nothing broke, but a few things did move.

A few of the letters spelling out "Abby Joy" and "Caleb" fell down.

The closet door opened (I know this was the earthquake because we can't get by to the stairs if it is open)

The gloves fell off of the changing table

A few of Abby's stuffed toys fell off of the armoir

One of the armoir drawers opened slightly

I'm glad there wasn't any damage.  I'm sure Californians are laughing at us for all of the news coverage this earthquake got, but I doubt if many native Marylanders have ever experienced an earthquake.  It was pretty wild!

Funny story:  My parents' cuckoo clock hasn't worked in several years, despite my dad's best efforts to fix it.  After the earthquake, it started working again and is still running!

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Anonymous said...

I was home feeding my 1 year old. I immediately took him out of the high chair and into my arms. I asked my 2 year old to take stairs and i was following her. But by the time we got down and went out everything calmed down. We went out and stayed out for a few minutes and got back into home. My friend called me and told me to be ready as there may be another one coming in an hour or so. I had packed a few things for the kids in a backpack just in case.