Friday, August 5, 2011

To My Favorite Sister

Today is my sister's birthday.  She's 29 and counting, in case you're wondering.  ;)

I want to just take a minute to tell you how amazing Amy has been this year...and every year, but especially this year. 

From the time I was hospitalized, to the first few terrifying weeks after Abby was born, to doing all of the trach training at MW, Amy took care of Caleb (as did several other wonderful family members, but Amy had him the vast majority of the time).  His world was turned upside down and he needed some extra love.  Amy was so patient with him and really showed Caleb what true love is.  She drove Caleb up and back to the hospital countless times so that he could be with us and feel a little less lost.  She took food in for his preschool parties, did school projects with him, washed his clothes, dealt with tantrums, and even gave him his own bed and drawers at her house.  Did I mention that she had two older kids and a newborn of her own at the time?!

Amy has also been there when times got rough.  I didn't realize how hard it would be having her daughter be so close in age to Abby.  While I was learning to give up what I thought our life would be like, my niece was a symbol of everything I thought I wanted.  Hearing Anna's cooing when Abby couldn't make a sound was sure to make me cry.  Watching her kick and move around freely while Abby couldn't even turn to her side made me so sad.  I dealt with a jealousy that had nothing to do with Anna or my sister, but it was something that God had to break me of.  I'm not going to lie--it was tough.  Amy was so sensitive to that and we worked through it together during countless deep conversations.  That time of letting go was so much easier because Amy understood how difficult it was for me.

Once Abby came home, Amy was right there to help out.  She came over every Wednesday when Matt was at youth group to help with Caleb and Abby.  I appreciated the help, but really loved the bonding with her more.  :)   She also continued to watch Caleb during our countless doctors' appointments and was so flexible with my last minute, "Ahhh!  I forgot to ask somebody to watch Caleb for tomorrow's appointment! Can you do it?!"  (I've learned to write who is watching him on my calendar so that those conversations don't happen anymore!)

I can't say that I have always appreciated my sister. We were 5 1/2 years apart and I was your typical pesky little sister.  We were kind of like Ramona and Beezus. 

But now, I can honestly say that I'm honored to call her my sister and my best friend.  Love you Amy!  Stop crying.  :)


My 3 kids said...

Ugh. You know me so well (as I wipe my eyes with my shirt...) Love you too! 29 and counting....ugh.

Katie said...

Blessed to know you both!