Wednesday, August 3, 2011

My House...

UPDATE:  Soooo sorry about all of the typos!  The lack of sleep this week is definitely getting to me.  I believe I fixed them all.
----------------------- being overrun by baby toys!  We have a saucer, a jumperoo, a playmat, a tummy time surf board, a learning table, countless small toys...and very little space to move!  I've already put away the bouncy seat, Bumbo, and swing because she's beyond them now, but the saucer and jumperoo are both very big and take up a whole lot of space.  I was trying to clean out some of the toys this evening to make room for some "new" ones (that I just brought down from our storage room).   She is ready for some more complex toys, like ones that have buttons to push, so I wanted to get out some of the ones she's outgrown.  You would have thought I was taking Caleb's beloved toys!

"No, Momma!  That's Abby's favorite!  You can't take that!  Momma, please.  She loves that one!"

So yeah...not too many toys were put away tonight!

I am getting close to moving Abby upstairs to her bedroom.  (!!!)  She's not totally off of the vent like I'd wanted, but the crib is too big to move down here.  She's too big for the bassinette of the Pack-and-Play she's in, and the vent tubing won't drain correctly if she's all the way down at the bottom of the P & P.  I could cut a hole in the side to feed the tubing through, but that would pretty much keep anyone else from wanting it down the road. 

What we really haven't wanted since the beginning is for Abby to be stuck upstairs in her room isolated from everyone else.  We like that she's in the middle of the action and we want to keep it that way!  Now that she's getting on a napping schedule, I'm thinking that she will just be down here whenever she is awake.  The nurse can take her upstairs for her nap and stay in the room with her while she sleeps, but Abby (and the nurse) will be down here during the waking hours.  We will keep her portable vent down here so that she can be on that during the day when she needs it.  The goal is for Abby to be totally off of the vent when she's awake really soon, so this should be fairly temporary.

I worked upstairs tonight and rearranged the furniture in Abby's room several different times.  The hardest part is making sure there's enough room for the vent and that the tubes will stretch far enough to both her crib and the changing table.  I also had to figure out where I would have a space for the nurse with a chair, folding table, and lamp. 

This is what I came up with:

The vent will go in between the crib and the changing table.  There's more room there than you think because it's not a flat wall.  The vent will fit there and the crib can move to the left more if needed.
 (although then it won't be centered on the wall...shutter...)

Space on the other side of the crib...if I don't need to move the crib, I am thinking of getting some plastic drawers to put here for some basic trach supplies.  We'll keep most of it downstairs, but they will need some up here as well.

This is the area where the nurse can sit (I think I need to get a rocker or something.  This chair doesn't match at all and it will probably not be comfortable for an 8 hour shift.) I'll put a lamp next to the chair with a little folding table.

Abby has two dressers.  The one on the right is an armour where most of her clothes are hung up.

The changing table.  I was going to bring the one from downstairs up here, but we really need that there because she'll need her diaper changed more while she's awake than while she's sleeping.

Close ups of the flower pegs

I love this wall sign.  I agonized over what to get for her room before she was born.  I had the white wooden letters for Caleb, but it was getting really expensive to have ABIGAIL letters!  This was much prettier and cost-effective!

I'm excited to finally move Abby into her room, but also a little nervous about giving up the last little bit of personal space we had.  The second floor was "ours" and it's going to be weird having the nurses so close by...not to mention that we will be hearing the beeps, alarms, and whatever noises the nurse makes a whole lot more!  It will be good for Abby to finally have a room to herself though.  It will also be good to not have to worry about Caleb not waking Abby up when she's napping downstairs!

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How sweet that Caleb is worried that you were trying to take Aby's favorite toys. What a great big bother.
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