Saturday, August 6, 2011

BIG Fan!!

I recently got this bread container during the Christmas in July sale.  It wasn't one of the clearance items, but I used the 45% off code and got a good deal.  I've been wanting one for a while because there have been several times when we have had moldy bread because moisture gets to it or the bread gets stale before we can eat it. 

Because Lock & Lock boxes have the snap lids, they're air tight.  (They really are!)  The moisture can't get to the bread, so it lasts a whole lot longer.  Caleb goes through spurts when he wants other things besides sandwiches for lunches, so a loaf of bread could last us quite a while.

I have also begun putting bags of chips and pretzels into L & L containers.  They just last so much longer in there and I'm tired of taking the chip clip off of the bad and biting into a stale chip!  Yes, the boxes are a bit bigger to store than a rolled up bag of chips, but I'll make space if it means that I won't waste half the bag because I don't eat them all the day I open the bag!

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