Saturday, August 6, 2011

I've Waited for This for a Long Time

Tonight, Abby is asleep in her crib, in her room, for the very first time!!  I've waited for this night for a couple of years now, since we moved Caleb out of this room and into his current room.  (This one is right across from ours, so it's better for a baby.)  I sat in here and wondered what our baby would be like before I was even expecting.  I dreamed of pretty purple and green decorations when I found out we were having a little girl.  Many, many tears fell onto this carpet as we wondered if Abby would ever get to see her room.  When she did come home, we immediately took her up and showed her around.  While she would be staying downstairs for the time being, this was her room.

Well, folks, the time has come!  We did some work today to get the finishing touches done and officially moved her in tonight. 

The rocking chair that was in the playroom came upstairs, since here is where the nurses will be sitting the most.  Since Abby will be downstairs whenever she is awake, the nurses will be moving around and on the floor playing with her most of the time.

I got this little table from our local antique/flea market.  It's the perfect size for this space and I like that it had two shelves.  I put the pulse ox on one and the apnea monitor on the other.  The feeding pole went behind it, but the table is high enough off of the ground that the legs of the feeding pole go underneath of it.

The vent fit perfectly in that space!  We fed the tubes through the crib so that the water trap will drain properly.  The desk is where they can change her diaper and suction her.  The medical supplies are in the drawers.  There's not too much up here because Abby will be downstairs all day, but the essentials are here.

Abby's dresser and armour have all of her clothes.  The oxygen tank and ambu bag are there in case of emergency.  I also put the suction machine back there so that it could be plugged in when it's not being used.

This little guy was found at the flea market as well.  I got a really good deal on it, and it cleaned up really nicely.  It's a child's hutch that could be used for play-cooking.  When I saw it, I totally envisioned Abby playing kitchen standing at it in a few years.  For now, it looks pretty cute in her room.  :)

It's pretty small.  It doesn't quite come up to my hip.  I think Abby will like standing at it pretty soon!

Now that Abby will do all of her sleeping upstairs, I was able to take back a bit of the playroom!  The vast majority of Abby's medical equipment is still in here, but the Pack and Play, feeding pole, stationary vent, and monitors are all gone.  That makes the room much less cluttered!  I was able to put the changing table up against the wall, so the floor is opened up a bit.  It's a lot better!

I'm really hoping that this works out well and that the beeps and alarms don't cause too much of an issue.  If feel weird having the nurses upstairs, we'll reconfigure the room downstairs to fit the crib....but I'm really hoping this works!  There just isn't any room for a crib downstairs. 

In the meantime, I'm just loving watching my girl sleep in her crib for the first time!!  (A wooden crib with an open top, not a metal baby jail with metal on the top and plastic sides that zip down.  I despise those things!)

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