Monday, August 22, 2011

10 Months Old!

I'm actually on the ball this time and am posting Abby's 10 month pictures on the 22nd!  (It helped that I took the pictures a day early!)  :)

At 10 months old, Abby is becoming pretty curious about things.  She also definitely knows what she likes and doesn't like!  Abby has a little baby named Lizzie that she loves to hold. She'll give her hugs and kisses too.  I'm trying to teach her how to rock the baby. 

Sophie the Giraffe continues to be a big hit.  The ears seem to be a favorite teething spot.  Abby loves to squeak Sophie and gets a big smile on her face whenever we hold it out to her.

She has decided that her favorite color is red, and tends to choose red toys.  She especially loves this little spoon that is part of her learning table.

Speaking of the learning table, Abby is having a good time playing with it.  She will sit at it and interact with the different pieces.

She can also stand at it and play!  She usually needs a little support when she's doing this, but can stand for short periods of time on her own.  (like, long enough to snap a picture!)  :)

Abby has six teeth now, as another one just broke the surface a few days ago.  You can see some little chicklets poking out here. 

She loves to show off her tongue!  We will play the stick-out-your-tongue game for a long time together!  We're excited about how much we're seeing her tongue now, because that means her jaw is growing.

The fingers are still in her mouth a lot, although she's learning that these sharp white things in her mouth can hurt!  She has been eating solid foods a lot better these last few days since her feeding schedule (and calories!) were changed.  She is also learning how to drink from a straw and is doing well with it!

Abby's hair is getting really long and thick under her helmet.  I can't wait to have her helmetless so that I can show off those luscious locks of hers.

Abby is off of the vent for 4 1/2 hours twice a day, for a total of 9 hours a day!  She's really only on it for about 2 hours while she's awake.  Basically, the rest of the vent times are while she is sleeping.  On September 1st, the plan is for Abby to be off of the vent whenever she is awake.  Yay!!!

I guess that's the end of the pictures.  The diva has declared the photo shoot over.  :)

We're doing lots and lots of signing with Abby to try to get her to start doing some signs. It's very slow-going, but she did actually do "more" once yesterday without me doing it for her!  I also think she's done "thank you" once or twice, but that's questionable.  Some of the signs we've been modeling a lot are:  more, thank you, please, milk, water, Abby, Caleb, momma, daddy, baby, ball, play, yes, no, funny, sleep, bubbles, and all done.  I downloaded a good app on my iPod that I've been using quite a bit to learn some words.  It has flashcards and quizzes to help me see if I'm really learning the words.  Caleb is really enjoying the Signing Time video that we got from the library.  I like how they take the words they've taught and put them together with other words to reinforce and make connections.  Abby's not quite ready for them yet, but Caleb has learned quite a few signs and has been signing to Abby.  Our speech therapist said that the modeling and repetition is going to be the best way for Abby to learn.  I'm hoping that we'll see some results soon!

I think that's about all of the 10 month updates.  I love this little girl more and more every day.  She is so sweet and is really such a happy baby.  I can't believe how quickly her birthday is approaching!  Oh, happy day!!

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