Monday, September 20, 2010

I'm a Percentage

I researched high levels of amniotic fluid this weekend (along with some info about steroid shots, just to educate myself on what they actually do besides just help the lungs mature), and I found that only 1-2% of pregnant women have excessive amniotic fluid.  Pretty crazy!!  Since only 1 in 8,000 babies have Abby's condition, we're both pretty "special," you could say.  I'd prefer to be average in this situation.

My new OB said that anyone with increased levels of fluid has to do the 3-hour gestational diabetes test because that is a warning sign of diabetes, and I just about died laughing at the irony of it all.  Remember this post?  And this one? 

If only gestational diabetes was the worst of my worries these days.  I'm sorry that I complained so much about it!

Thankfully, she conferred with my perinatologist, who said that they know why my fluid levels are up and that the normal 1-hour test will be fine for me.  Thank you, Dr. H!! 

Coincidentally, both of my new doctors are Dr. H, but my OB's is a silent H.  Confusing?  Possibly.

I will be going on Thursday to a local blood lab to get the 1-hour test done.  This had to be delayed a bit because the steroid shots will increase the blood sugar until it's out of your system.  The end of this week should be fine though. 

And no, I won't be eating any eclaires this time.  I've learned my lesson well!

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