Tuesday, September 21, 2010

The Decision

Disclaimer:  All of these posts are written in past tense because we cannot access blogger from the hospital's server.  I am using my dad's laptop with his own portable internet connection to bipass the system.  :)

Contractions are constant in this pregnancy. I can pretty much ignore them, although sometimes they get a bit harder than others. Usually getting in the bath tub helps them to subside.

Sunday morning, I was at my parents’ house before church because our internet wasn’t working. I was having a bunch of contractions, but drank a lot of water to try to get rid of them. I headed on to church, trying to ignore those nagging pains.

Strangely, something is different just kept running through my head. I couldn’t quite put my finger on it, but I knew that something would happen today.

During church, something definitely changed. I went from being able to ignore the high, annoying contractions to losing my breath on the low, long ones. These were different. I started timing them, but Matt told me to stop because I was stressing myself out. I know my body and just had a feeling that something was different this time.

After church, Matt planted me in a chair and asked our friend Steven to follow us home so that he could bring Matt back to get his car—so that I wouldn’t have to drive. Matt felt like these contractions were brought on by stress and that I would feel better once I got home.

About halfway to our house, the contractions were coming hard and I made the decision. I wanted to go to CMH. If nothing else, they could tell me to go home and stop worrying.

That’s not what they said at all!

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