Monday, September 6, 2010

And it Continues...

...the grass saga, that is.

The bees appeared to be gone, thanks to this new powder stuff Matt put in the hole.  He went out to cut the grass today and worked for less than 5 minutes before he ran over the handle to the septic tank and bend the lawnmower blade. 


He swears that the accident occured because he wasn't paying attention to what was on the ground, not because of the height of the grass. 

I'm not so sure.

Seriously, I think we need to invest in a machete.

And a lawn boy.

So now we will be shelling out who knows how much to fix the lawn mower, which will take who knows how long.  Who knows when the grass will be cut again!

Oh, and did I mention that while cutting the grass for that oh-so-short length of time, that Matt found many more ground bees back in their original hole?!?!

So maybe we need to invest in an exterminator too.


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