Thursday, September 9, 2010

First Day of His Next 22 Years...

Caleb started preschool on Tuesday!  He was very excited from the moment he woke up--probably even more so because we'd warned him that he might not be able to go because Daddy didn't take care of the medical form, but that's another story....

Buzz Lightyear backpack strapped on, we headed outside and got some "First Day of School" photos.

The time came to head out the car, and he took off, lunch box in hand!  (The same lunch box that held the darned sunflower butter sandwich that was thought to be peanut butter in our nut-free school because Matt forgot to tell the teacher.  The same lunch box that caused Caleb to have to eat by himself in a separate room to avoid the child with the nut allergy.  The same lunch box that caused Caleb to beg me not to pack him peanut butter again because he didn't want to get in trouble.  The same lunch box that now has a permanent note taped in letting the teachers know that any peanut-butter-suspicious-items are made with sunflower butter. But that's another story too...)

He was thrilled to go to school!  I wasn't able to go because of work (Under normal circumstances, I would have taken off in a heartbeat.  However, nothing is "normal" about these circumstances and I need to save every minute of leave that I have at this point!) so Matt took pictures for me!

He met his teachers, Ms. Theresa and Ms. Pam.  He adores Ms. Pam!!

He found the star with his name on it, chose a sticker for it, and then put his star next to the class job he wanted.  Naturally, he chose to feed the fish!  (Too bad the fish isn't there yet...)

We're working on the new routine of having him share about his school day and have started doing High Point, Low Point on each school day.  So far, it's been a bit of a struggle.  How can a three year old already answer the "What did you do today?" question with "I don't know"????  I ask him soooo many specific questions about his day, but it's hard to get him talking.  I hope they send home newsletters so that I have a clue of what they are learning. 

All in all, it was a successful first week of school!

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