Friday, September 24, 2010

Venodynes are of the Devil

If you’ve ever been in the hospital unable to get out of bed, you have inevitably had Venodynes. They are the lovely calf cuffs that inflate every minute or so to “massage” your legs and keep you from getting blood clots.

Now, I understand their importance. I certainly don’t need blood clots on top of everything else. But do they have to be so obnoxious?! Seriously, how do they expect you to sleep when huge balloons are constantly inflating and deflating around your legs, nearly cutting off the circulation to your feet and causing sweat to drip down your calves??? One of my many doctors said she’s going to make a mesh version of them that’s more breathable and less obnoxious. I told her if she got me the materials, I’d make them for her while I’m just sitting here!

So last night in short fit of rage while Matt was in the bathroom (and not around to stop me), I tore off the hated cuffs and chucked them across the room. When Matt came out to see what the commotion was about, I wouldn’t tell him. He figured it out though, but didn’t make me put them back on. I think he knew better than to mess with me at that point.

The nurse and I have come to a compromise: I will wear the cuffs most of the day in exchange for the compression stockings at night. Normally, you don’t need the cuffs during the day if your legs are moving a bit, but this gets me out of wearing them at night. I’ll take the deal!

So yeah, as I type, the Venodynes are inflating every minute or so, feeling every bit as obnoxious as they did last night. But at least I’m not trying to sleep.


Anonymous said...

Julie, you are hilarious. I love it. I'm late to the game on everything because I'm not on facebook much, but John and Rebekah Bury were visiting and told me about what was happening with your baby girl. I'm praying that all goes well and that you keep your sense of humor!

-susanne said...

i HATED those things. i feel your pain girly. my nurses weren't as nice. i had to wear mine at night too. between that and the bed that would automatically adjust to prevent bed sores it was all a pretty ridiculous two weeks leading up to ezra's c-sec. hopefully abby will wait longer than that.

Larissa said...

amen sista! when I had surgery in may they made we wear the stockings and the little inflate demons together, it made my feet feel like they were being pulled off the strecher backwards, I HATE those things!