Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Not all Med Students are Bad

We have a good friend who is now a third year resident, so we understand the need for people to learn. After all, knowledge comes with experience, right? However, I am not interested in having them learn procedures on me or my daughter. My amnio reduction was going to be done by the wonderful Dr. H, but there would be no way I would have even considered it if they had told me a resident would be doing it.

As I mentioned before, we were quite the entertainment for the med students that were on the floor. Cool, go check out room 2! The baby has a rare syndrome AND the mom is in preterm labor! Neato!

Matt keeps being reminded of the show Scrubs, so we chuckle whenever one of them pops their head in. Can I see her now? Huh? Can I? Please?

We really haven’t minded….although it will probably get a bit old after she’s born and the doctors are using her to teach from. (They just don’t see too much of her syndrome, so I understand it’s kind of interesting to show a real live patient with it.) We just think it’s funny.

However, one med student named Lindsay really made an impression on us. She came in during the early morning hours on Monday when I was incredibly drugged up on the Mag and was so sweet. I’m actually surprised I remember her then, but I do.

She popped in again later after being sent by her superior to try for a third time to get me to sign the amnio reduction papers. I was as polite to her as I had always been, but I explained (for the third time) that this was a risky procedure and I really wanted to talk to Dr. H himself before I signed anything. She was the first one to acknowledge that and agree that it would be really good for me to talk to him.

Low and behold, she got in contact with him and relayed my message! (Of course, then it was put on hold because the contractions were stopping, which was a good thing!)

This awesome girl came back again to tell me that they were going to hold off on the amnio for now and mentioned that now that the amnio was delayed, she’d work on allowing me to start eating again!

Do you know that Lindsay came back within 10 minutes with the attending and that other doctor took all of the credit for allowing me to eat? I knew the truth though, and I thanked Lindsay for taking care of it.

This morning in our new room, she popped in again to see how things were going. I really like her and I hope that she considers choosing OB as her field. She seems to be very pro-patient and I hope she doesn’t lose sight of that. If she comes in again, I’m going to be sure to thank her for the compassion she’s shown me. After all, everyone could use a little encouragement, and she really has been very kind!

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