Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Nightmare on Decatur Street

No, this has nothing to do with violence.  I have just been describing the FMLA stuff as a nightmare and that title came into my brain.

I met with the FMLA gurus today and got loads of answers (as many as I could at this point in this "adventure.")  In a nutshell, as long as I have paid leave, I have a job.  I can also work out some sort of part-time situation as needed to get me through the rest of the year (while taking leave without pay for the time when I'm not working) and not have to do a leave of absence.  Then, FMLA will kick in again at the beginning of next school year if I need it to.  I'm hoping I don't! 

The meeting was quite informative and the women were very compassionate.  I remember the paperwork I did with Caleb being so simple and easy!  Ha!!!  Not this time!  I will be constantly faxing information to the Human Resources department to update my situation.  But, it's not as grim as I feared. 

I am realizing just how much God has truly been taking care of us in this situation.  I have people who want to give me leave, the Human Resources deparment has been really helpful and understanding, my principal is working with me to do whatever she can, and we have tons of family and friends to support us. We're very blessed.  :)

Matt and I were filling out forms for Caleb's preschool and came to the question that asked, "Who is allowed to pick up your child?"  For now, we wrote the obvious (both of us and Amy).  Come November, we joked that we will update that statement with whoever he's willing to go with.  :)  The poor guy is never going to know who is picking him up!

Alright, enough ramblings.  Now I see that my title truly has nothing to do with this post at all.  Except that FMLA is a nightmare. 

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