Monday, September 27, 2010

Simple Pleasures

After a night and most of the day in the IMC, I finally moved into a room again. This is on the step-down unit, and it is their biggest room! There are some nice shelves and several big counters, as well as a metal shelving unit and a carved out space in the wall to put stuff as well. There's lots of floor space for visitors! It's not nearly as cramped as some of the other rooms had been. Plus, the shower is a little more normal (fiberglass as opposed to the nasty tile--but I'm still wearing flip flops!) and there are towel racks! I know, I know, it's the simple things in life. None of the other bathrooms have had towel racks though.

Here's hoping I don't go into labor again and have to leave! This is my incentive not to dilate anymore. If only I had control over that...


I love etymology. I guess it’s the language girl in me who gets excited about all of the compound words in German, but I really enjoy the meaning behind the word. That’s why I love teaching Latin and Green roots! (Weird? Perhaps!)

So it comes to no surprise that Matt and I know and love the meaning behind our children’s names. Caleb means bold and Matthew means God’s gift. It’s a strong name for a strong-willed little boy!

Abigail has been my choice since at least age 16. I have always loved the name, although I had no idea of the meaning when I was but a young whippersnapper dreaming of the future children I would have (and the future husband too!)

We had already researched the meaning of Abby’s name, but this recent turn of events has seriously shed new light on the meaning behind the name. It certainly isn’t a coincidence—God is wayyyy too cool for that!

Abigail: God is Joy

Elizabeth: Consecrated to God

Seriously, could there be a more perfect name for this girl?! Abigail means God is joy! And that’s what Matt and I have been striving to do throughout this whole ordeal—choose joy! By choosing joy, we are choosing Abigail: choosing that she remain protected in my belly for as long as possible, choosing that she receive the top notch care she deserves, choosing that she be born in a wonderful hospital with an awesome NICU.

And then let’s look at her middle name: Elizabeth means consecrated to God. Have you ever really thought about the definition of consecrated? I know what the word means, but wanted to hear the true definition. I’m a sucker for words. Consecrated means, “To dedicate solemnly to a service or goal” ( Isn’t that awesome?! We know that God has an amazing plan for Abby and have been floored by the number of people that have heard our story so far. We’re dedicating this girl to God!

We decided while we have been in the hospital to add a little bit more to our girl’s name—as if it isn’t already long enough! (My mom keeps saying it is going to take her forever to learn how to write out her name!)

So without further adieu, here is Abby’s full name:

Abigail Elizabeth Joy Leach

I think you know why we chose Joy for a second middle name. It may border on redundancy, but we never want her to forget that not only did we choose joy in the circumstances surrounding her birth, but that she was/is/will be a joy to us! I don’t want people to think we are moaning and groaning about our situation. We LOVE our daughter and have found so many little ways that we can enjoy her now. She has quite a personality, and I’m going to embrace that!

So that’s her name. She’s got a lot to live up to: a joy who is consecrated to God. Based on what I know about Abby so far, I think she just might be stubborn enough to do it.

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