Monday, September 27, 2010

Hospital Drama

There are a lot of little things that are helping to make my stay more bearable. Here's a list:

* My own pillow: 2 feet of tempurpedic softness

* Wearing my own comfy clothes as opposed to the hospital breezy gown.

* Visitors!! It gives me a little connection to the outside world. If you visit, come prepared to make me laugh. That is a requirement. :)

* Taking a shower. I take one whenever I can. You never know when you'll get the next one!

* Eating, for the same reason! I enjoy every meal to the fullest!

* Playing with Abby. She is such a little firecracker. Dr. Dobson is going to need to write me a book to teach me how to deal with her, I am afraid!

* Pictures and Caleb's artwork decorating my wall. We pilfered a roll of surgical tape to hang them.

Saturday evening, I started contracting heavily again and dilated a bit more. When all was said and done, I was 3 cm dilated before they were able to stop it. They checked my fluid levels and they were higher than they had been Friday afternoon.

It was back on the Mag for me and then the talk of another reduction started. Matt wasn’t back to the hospital yet, this was all happening very fast, I was concerned that decisions were being made without Dr. H, and I wasn't happy that they were going to reduce me at night. Dr. H was pretty adamant that any reductions be done during the daytime when there were more NICU doctors who were certified in nasal intubation in case labor couldn’t be stopped.

Long story short, we decided to wait until Sunday morning to do the reduction. The Mag was keeping me from contracting, so there was no immediate danger. It was done around 11:00 with no major complications—except a jar breaking—so I was back in my room relatively quickly.

The new plan? They’re going to check my fluid levels every morning via sonogram. It does not appear that Abby is swallowing very much at all anymore (which is an indication of more problems when she is born), so my fluid levels are just increasing very quickly. When they hit a certain number, I will be reduced again. The reason we’re doing daily sonograms in the morning is so that we can do any procedures during the day time. We’re hoping this buys us at least a little bit of time, although it’s not without its own risks. Today's scan shows that my numbers are holding steady--yay!!!!

In other news: my favorite sister organized an attempted surprise visit by three of my dear friends yesterday (Saturday’s “excitement” kind of spoiled the surprise), which was SO wonderful! It was nice to be able to joke and laugh a bit. Thanks for visiting, ladies!

Apparently, part of my new job description is to be a human pin cushion. Can I get paid for each needle stick? I lost count at 20.

Saturday, a not-so-experienced nurse tore up my veins three times without success. One of the spots still aches. Yesterday, the nurse tried twice before calling in “the best,” who tried in my hand only to hit a nerve and send shooting pains in my hand. I begged her to stop because I was seriously done at that point. They came back later and finally got a blood draw, although it wasn’t an easy one. There have been rumors of needing to do another blood draw today. Yay..

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