Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Gotta Love IVs

I hate IVs. Well, let me rephrase that. I hate needles. Surprised? Not if you’ve been reading this for a while! So the fact that I have had about a million and four needles during Abigail’s pregnancy is rather ironic. Just a bit.

Soooo….on to this weekend’s adventure. After we decided to go to CMH, they took me quickly and set me up to the fetal heart and contractions monitors. Yep, lots of hard contractions. I immediately gave them, upon intake, the paper I took the time to type up with the names and phone numbers of all of my doctors and my medical information.

They were quite appreciative of this, by the way. Yay for planning ahead and being organized!

The nurse started an IV rather easily and they gave me a shot to stop the contractions. “This usually does the trick,” they said. Ha ha ha…they obviously do not know Abby. Her middle name is trouble.

20 minutes went by and they’re not slowing. In fact, they seem to be more intense. They gave me another dose and assured me that most people stop having them in two doses.

My labs came back and showed I had a UTI (not sure how??), so they had to give me another IV with an antibiotic. This one didn’t go in so easily. First try in my right hand….hurt like the DEVIL! Shooting pains went up my fingers! Second try in my right wrist…nope. Didn’t get it. At this point, I looked at the girl and suggested she get someone else. She’d already gone past my you get one chance rule. Another woman came in and was able to get a weak vein in my left wrist. It wasn’t great and it was small, but it was in.

The doctor on call had been conferring with the doctor at UMD-B and was told to give me Magnesium Sulfate. She warned me that this is nasty stuff that will probably do weird things to me, which is why they try to avoid giving it to patients.

Yep, sure did.

But more on that later. MUCH more!

When the contractions still didn’t stop, it was decided that I was going to be transported to UMD-B…but by ambulance, or by helicopter? Well, the doctor checked to see if I was starting to dilate, and I was.

Alrighty, then. By helicopter, it is!

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