Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Attention All MD State Troopers and Various County Police Officers...

...this post is for you! 

I have recently added an additional item of worry to my already long list regarding this pregnancy.

What if I go into labor before my scheduled date and we have to drive all the way to Baltimore and we get pulled over by a police officer for speeding?!?!?

Seriously, this is very concerning to me.  Getting pulled over just might be enough to push me over the edge and send me plummetting to a pit of utter despair. 

That, or I'll cry incessantly. 

The latter is more probable. 

Okay, it's a given.

I called my oh-so-knowledgeable brother-in-law (who happens to be a state trooper) and asked him what I should do in this situation.  His response was that Matt is always late, so speeding shouldn't be an issue for him.  :)  This did rouse a chuckle out of me, but I needed an answer.  This was really important!!!  (kind of like having nail clippers before Caleb was born was really important, but that's another story!) 

Soooo, he finally suggested two things:

1.  If we get pulled over, explain the situation to the police officer.  If we do still happen to get a ticket, go to the judge with the birth certificate and state my case.

2.  Post a blog for all of the police officers of Maryland to see so that they will be aware of the situation and not pull our van over for speeding if they see us between our house and Baltimore.

#2 is officially taken care of.  Thanks for the advice, Bruce.  This should definitely take care of my worry.  You're such a problem solver!


Maybe I should ask him his thoughts on how to grow a jaw!

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