Saturday, September 18, 2010

New Sonogram Pictures

Although we've been getting sonograms done every month, I haven't been posting the pictures.  This is because, honestly, I don't want people analyzing my daughter!  We look at them and compare them to last month to observe the growth, but I don't necessarily need other people pointing out her defects. It's just my own comfort level, I suppose.  We save them all though, and I am quickly filling up a photo album with the many pictures we get (I might have to start a second one now that we're going every week!).  

Thursday's appointments definitely delivered some not-so-great news, but we were encouraged by the sonogram pictures.  For the first time, Abby has a defined chin!!!  This is exciting for us because we haven't been able to see anything up until now.  While our perinatologist cautioned us that this is just because she's getting bigger (as to avoid false hope), it made us feel better to finally see something below her bottom lip.

So, I've decided to share these with you!  All of our sonographers have been wonderful (as specialized as they are, it's nice to see that they still recognize these "patients" as babies and are willing to play a bit to get us some fun pictures in addition to the medical shots they need).  Abby was, thankfully, much more cooperative this time than she has been in the past.  It only took about 20 minutes to get what we needed, as opposed to the hour+ we have been spending trying to get her to lift her head from her favorite tucked-down position!

She's got my nose!

Can you see her chin?  This is the best shot of it, I think.  There has never been anything between her bottom lip and her throat, so this was very encouraging to us. 

She has hair!!  You could see it a lot more on the live feed, but the sonographer was really impressed with the amount she had already.  You can see a bit on the left side of her head.

Will you all please leave me alone?

Contemplating being difficult again...but she saved it all for the nurse who was trying to monitor her heart beat on the fetal monitor. The poor nurse finally had to just hold the monitor and follow her as she swished back and forth.  All that fluid makes for some fun swimming!  :)

Dear God, please keep me in here until 38 weeks!

My thumb sucker!  Caleb never did, so it will be interesting to see if she does.


So dainty! 

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