Thursday, September 9, 2010



It really didn't hurt at all.  I was surprised.  I remember it really hurting last time.  I guess the hype is worse than the real thing!

I hate needles.  This is not new to anyone who knows me.

I mostly hate the suspense built around the shot.  The shot itself isn't even really that horrid, but I've already convinced myself that it is going to be.

So, naturally, God chuckled and made me A-, which means I have to get two Rogam shots (one at 28 weeks and one after I give birth) during my pregnancy.  Yay!

The day has come.  Today I have to get the dreaded Rogam shot.

Yes, it hurts.

A lot. 

And it's given in a very sensitive area. 

Ugh.  Anyone want to do it for me?????

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