Sunday, September 19, 2010

A Work in Progress

Realistically, we really don't have to have Abby's room done by the time she is born.  We know she's not coming home after the usual 2-3 day stay in the hospital.  When she does finally come home, she'll be in bassinett right by our bed (with me never getting any sleep because I'm constantly checking to see that she is breathing properly!)  We put Caleb right in his room after coming home from the hospital, but everything is a little different with this special girl.

However, the planner in me can't stand the idea of Abby not having a pretty room to call her own from the very beginning--even if she is not sleeping in it!  So, last week we set up the crib and moved the furniture around.  While the accessories that I've ordered aren't here yet, her room is certainly livable. 

I got her entire crib set, curtains, lamp, etc. off of Ebay for $35!!

Caleb picked out the prairie dog especially for Abby.  He wants to take it to her when she is born.

The color on this is terrible, even after editing, but you can at least see the curtain and the chair.  I bought that chair from the church yard sale when I was in high school.  It has been in a variety of places serving a variety of functions over the years!

The dresser and shelf

Close-up of the lamp

We have also ordered a totally cute handpainted wooden wall hanging of her name with a floral scene around it, as well as three handpainted flower pegs to hang on the wall.  These are being custom made by a person on Etsy with the colors and patterns I want.  She sent me a picture of the first one pre-varnish, and it is totally what I want!  Yes, I could easily do these myself...but I am all about avoiding extra stress right now.  It really wasn't that much to have her do it, and then they are mailed to me ready to be hung up!

I will post pictures of the decorations as soon as they come and are hung up.  Blog-stalker Lara was asking for nursery pictures, so I figured I'd better put some up. :)

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