Friday, April 23, 2010

I'm a survivor

My 3 hour (more like 4 hours) glucose challenge test was today.  4 sticks later, I survived!

While my nurse wasn't the most compassionate person I have ever met (she laughed that I would even look at her tray or when she was prepping me), she was efficient and good at it (well, as good as you can be at removing large amounts of something that is essential to my existence!)  I would rather have a nurse who was good at what she did than a nurse that apologizes for missing your vein four times!

Historically, nurses have had trouble finding a vein in my left arm.  I started with my right arm and the first two were okay, but the third one hurt like CRUD!  When it continued to throb for the next hour, I asked her to look for a vein in my left arm.  She found it quickly and that worked much better. 

I get my results on Monday.  If I do have gestational diabetes, I will have this test done at least two more times....oh goody!  If I do have it, I will be asking for my doctor to write me an order to see Darleen Reinking, because I will do ANY kind of diet before I do shots!  My goal is to avoid them at all costs!!

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