Saturday, April 10, 2010


We have our names picked out...yeah I'm just like that. :)

Noah James
We picked this without knowing the meaning, but I love it: Noah = peace and James = to replace
I take that to mean replacing/giving back our peace. Given the difficulty we had when you compare it to having Caleb, this is very fitting.

Abigail Elizabeth
I have had Abigail since high school and have somehow managed to keep any other close relatives from taking it...well except for my aunt and uncle's dog! :) Abigail = sense of joy or father's joy and Elizabeth = lively. I interpret that as a lively joy! Sounds like my kind of girl...

I really like having the names picked out so early. I know there are differing opinions on that and that my sister doesn't announce the name until the baby is born, but I do like it. I think it goes with my it's a baby, not just a fetus mentality and helps others to remember that this baby is already a part of our family! I called Caleb by his name from the time we knew he was a he, and we're already calling this baby "Noabigail!" :)

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