Sunday, April 25, 2010

Take Two

Today we went out to lunch with one of our adopted daughters, Heather.  While Caleb had had a rough morning, I thought we were in the clear.


I'm not particularly sure what caused this tantrum, but he was quite difficult throughout most of our meal.  It escalated when I was trying to get him to go to the bathroom before we headed home (sound familiar???) and ended with me carrying him out of the bathroom, nodding to Matt and Heather to follow, and going right out the door.  This time though, I did not have to put him down to open the door, thus avoiding the running across the parking lot! 

I'm secretly kind of glad that Matt saw this display this time, because sooooo many times it only happens when I'm by myself.  I let HIM try to put Devil Child in his car seat this time!  To make matters worse, Matt was leaving right after this for a retreat and I was dreading having to deal with the nastiness all by myself.  Thankfully, the sweet boy was back by the time we said goodbye to Heather and Matt!

Anybody got any good suggestions for tantrums?  We are very consistent, try to distract him, don't give in, spank when necessary (but it's not our first reaction), and give consequences (usually no cartoons or losing another privilege).  It obviously isn't working for us though, so I need a new angle!  Any ideas???

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Jennifer said...

I don't know yet but I just put Dr. Dobson's "tempering your child's tantrums" book on my birthday list!! I feel like I'm going to need it with little Miss Emma!!