Monday, January 17, 2011


Can you believe that we will be taking Abby home TOMORROW?????

Seriously, I feel like I am in a dream, much like I've felt through this entire ordeal.  Except that this time, it's a good dream.

We had our big discharge meeting today and got reports from the various departments.  There were lots of dates and times thrown out, as well as a lot of discussion about nursing hours.  Of course!

Our plan is to be on the road by 11:00 and home to smiling faces by 1:00.  We have some "business" to attend to once we get home (admission paperwork with the nursing agency), but we will not let that get in the way of our celebration!!

Tonight, we're packing up the last minute stuff and making sure all of the equipment is charged up.  Then we're going to try to sleep...but knowing me, I will be too anxious and excited to do much!

Ahhhhhhh, I'm so excited!!!

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mom said...

I think she's going to love being home! After all, Caleb has his medical ready for any emergency! Seriously, we can't wait to see you guys tomorrow. Drive Safely!