Friday, January 28, 2011

Feeling Like a Family

Tonight was our first night on our own.  I have to say that while this was a little intimidating, Matt and I were both really looking forward to it.  We were ready to take back a little of the family privacy we've missed!

The evening didn't disappoint!  With minimal effort, we brought Abby into the kitchen with us while we cooked and ate dinner.  It was wonderful!!  I didn't even want to get up from the table because I was just enjoying having our entire family there (with a few extra machines!) 

Later on, Matt brought down The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe, which Caleb and he have been reading together.  (He LOVES it, by the way!)  I held Abby in the rocking chair while Matt and Caleb sat next to us and we all listened to Matt read a chapter.  Do you ever take mental snapshots of something you really don't want to forget?  I took one of that moment.  It was so nondescript...and so what we have been yearning for so long. 

We finally felt like a family.

And it was great!


Anonymous said...

Yay! Sounds wonderful! So happy for you! :)
Jenn Pearson

Sandy said...

I could totally picture your evening. So glad Abby is back home with you. I have a feeling you will have more & more evenings like that in the near future. So very happy for you. And, of course continued thoughts & prayers sent your way. By the way have I told you lately that Caleb is an exceptional big brother & adorable to go along with his spunky beautiful little sister Abby. Love you guys, Sandy