Saturday, January 15, 2011

Stream of Consciousness

Oh, come on--you know you love it! 

So, I'm really concerned about this weather we're supposed to be having on Monday night into Tuesday.  The words "wintery mix" do not belong anywhere near January 18th, because I'm not keen on anything interfering with our taking Abby home.  So I'm just praying that it won't.  And that the ventilator won't get wet on our very first trip outside with it ever.  The last thing we need is a shorted-out ventilator on our ride home.  No thank you!  I have a list of questions for Monday's meeting that I need to have answered.  They vary, but all are important. There is a Ravens party here for the game today, but I'm not going...I am not a football fan and I don't really feel like pizza.  I'm going to go scavenge for some food in a little while.  Today is my nephew Owen's 8th birthday and he does love football...a lot!  He's a Redskins fan though, so I don't think the Ravens game is going to interest him too much either.  Happy birthday, OTB!  I had my first circuit (vent tubing) issue today and I troubleshooted correctly!  A little plug had come unhooked, which broke the circuit and stopped giving Abby the support she needed, and the machine didn't even alarm!  Not cool.  I heard the noise of the vent (it is hard to explain, but it sounds different) and knew there was a leak, but I had to look a while before I found the culprit.  Yay for successful troubleshooting.  Matt is gone this weekend on an event but will be coming back Sunday night so that he can go to our discharge meeting on Monday.  I just hope that the weather doesn't mess up any plans.  It sounds like it won't be starting until after midnight into early Tuesday morning, so our discharge meeting shouldn't be affected.  Let's just pray that our drive home won't be either. We're going to be nervous enough as it is without treacherous weather conditions on top of it!  Every now and then when I think about what we are about to do, I get really panicky and start hyperventilating.  Then I remind myself that God kept Abby with us for a reason and that He has awesome plans for her, and I start to relax.  I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me! 

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Sandy said...

ABSOLUTELY!!!!!! God is in control& Yes you can do all things through Christ who strengthens you.