Sunday, January 16, 2011

Coolest Present Ever!

For Caleb's birthday, we gave him a gift that keeps on "Ok to Wake!" alarm clock!!  This little guy, whom he affectionately named Wakey Wakey, is a regular alarm clock, a naptimer, can set it to tell kids when it is okay to get out of bed in the morning!!!  Yay!

You  may think this a little harsh, but you gotta understand...Caleb is a 6 a.m. waker...or earlier!  And once he's up, there is NO going back to bed.  Since he's not one to just play on his own and let us sleep, that means that we are also early risers.  We aren't making him stay asleep...he's just not supposed to come out of his room until Wakey Wakey turns green.  (unless, of course, it's to go to the bathroom!)

The best part is that Caleb LOVES it!  The day after his birthday, he came into our room at the very acceptable hour of 7 a.m. to announce that Wakey Wakey was green.  Maybe we should make it a little later every day...not that we will ever sleep in again!  :)

So if you also have an early riser in your family who needs a little extra incentive to stay in bed, try out the Okay to Wake Alarm Clock! 

**Nope, no money for this post.  I just figured that it might help out someone who is lacking a little sleep.


Anonymous said...

We have one for Alethia too. The problem is that she is sure that the clock turned green & she just missed it so she gets up before it turns green :)

Nina said...

You need to send it with him to Nina and Paw Paw's house.

Anonymous said...

Hi Julie - got a little behind on your blog then realized it was the 17th - 1 day before the big day!! so I got on here and caught up. I know it's incredibly stressful (well, I can imagine) but I know you will do just fine getting your girl home and settled in! You can count on Rog and I to be praying you through these next coming weeks. Jane B

Anonymous said...

Um, we could have used wakey wakey at our house should have considered giving it to him for like Columbus Day or something instead of his birthday. :)