Tuesday, January 18, 2011


The day is finally here.  I am in utter disbelief.

As I type this, I am feeling so many emotions:  thankfulness, awe, disbelief, fear, amazement, anxiety, happiness, nervousness...but especially JOY!

Today, we will actually be checking OUT of the Ronald McDonald House, the place that has housed us, fed us, cried with us, and loved on us for the last three months.

Today, we will drive to Mount Washington for the LAST time (at least for a while!)

Today, we will sign a bunch of papers and get a bunch of information about Abby's final orders.

Today, Abby will wear a beautiful blue dress with a little white bow in her hair.

Today, we will walk out the doors with Abby in a carrier and put her in the car.

Today, we will drive away with our daughter and make the long two hour drive home (with me in the backseat, anxiously examining every movement and facial expression).

Today, we will listen to "Our God" on repeat the entire way home, singing at the top of our lungs.  And it will be awesome!

Today, we will return home to smiling faces cheering, "Welcome Home!!!"

Today, Caleb will show Abby around our house, as he has been so eager to do since she was born.

Today, we will ALL sleep in the SAME house TOGETHER!!!

Today, we will witness something that was so uncertain for so long...

We will be taking our girl HOME!!!!!!!!!!!!

When I think about how close we were to losing Abby, I am in serious amazement of the greatness of God.  He obviously had BIG plans for this girl and wanted to remind the doctors, nurses, and lots of other people joining our journey that He is bigger than statistics!!!!!!  Rest assured, I will be crying many tears of JOY today (as well as a few of fear and anxiety!) as we take our beautiful little girl home.

Thank you, thank you, thank you for your love and prayers the last three months.  Will you join us for the next part of this unlit path?


katie said...

GOOSEBUMPS!! SO excited for the Leaches today!

Anonymous said...

stop making me cry, Julie! :) Seriously, I'm just honored and excited to have been part of this special day. Love you guys!! Abby looked so beautiful in the blue dress, sweater, tights and white bow. She seemed to like her beautiful room and I love that she opened her eyes and examined her new surroundings when you brought her home. I can't wait to visit again! Amy

MaryJo Bevard said...

Settle in Abby girl... this is your REAL home. I continue to pray for your family. God has a plan for you. Gentle hugs to you all.