Thursday, January 20, 2011

A New Day

Today was much, much better than yesterday!  I actually got all 4 things checked off on today's to-do list, and we made it to the doctor with only minor issues.  Caleb had school today (I took him for the first time!!) and Amy kept him afterwards so that we could go to the appointment, so I didn't have to try to keep him quiet all day.  It was a day of getting to know our day nurse and learning how to work together, and I liked it!

We were only 9 minutes late to our doctor's appointment, which I find quite an accomplishment considering the amount of stuff we have to bring with us.  Never mind that we started getting ready an hour and a half before we needed to be there...

And in case you're wondering what we brought with us to the doctor:  the pulse oximeter, apnea monitor, oxygen tank, ambu bag, ventilator, suction machine, the to-go bag (it's like a diaper bag times 10!) Abby's binder, my calendar, the nursing binder...oh yeah, and Abby!  Thankfully, it all fit pretty nicely in our trusty Sit-and-Stand stroller.  I love that thing!!

We had a great doctor's visit with our beloved pediatrician.  Everyone knew all about us and welcomed us home...I guess you have to brief everyone when somebody like Abby is coming in!  They told us we won't have to wait when we get there--they'll take us right back to a room and we'll also get the prime appointments.  This is nice because it cuts down on the amount of germs she'll be exposed to.  Dr. S was absolutely wonderful, as always, and we could tell he really did his homework.  He'd read her entire discharge summary and knew all of her ins and outs, which I love.  He'd done his research on her syndrome, which is probably my favorite thing about him--if he doesn't know something, he researches!  He even caught a missed vaccine that the hospital forgot to give her!  Dr. S was very pleased with Abby's development thus far and said she is more or less at the same place a typical baby would be.  (FYI:  I hate the term "normal child."  You won't hear me say that unless it's in quotes.  Abby is normal.  It's just a different kind of normal.)  Her neck control is still a work in progress, but you'd have trouble holding your head up too if you had vent tubing weighing you down!  All in all, Dr. S said she is progressing very nicely.  Yay, Abby!! 

I'm in much better spirits today and am getting into some semblance of a routine here.  Hopefully, Caleb will cooperate for us tomorrow! 

BTW:  I'm sorry there are no pictures yet.  They're loaded...I just have to get time to post them.

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Sandy said...

Many continued prayers sent your way. Sounds like things are already calming down. Just look & see how far you have come---love your writings-you should edit all blogs & write a book someday--My grand-daughter Sarah thinks so also-she is 11. She thinks you are amazing. And we know we have an amazing God who is here with us. Love to all, Sandy
p.s. Tell Caleb that I am praying for him also.