Saturday, January 15, 2011

The Joys of a 4 Year Old

We had a small party for Caleb on Saturday for his birthday.  Because the pool only allows 20 people (not swimmers, people!) to come to the party, we were pretty limited to just a couple of friends and immediate family.  But, it worked out because it made for a low-key, fairly low-stress party during a very stressful time.  There was no way I was going to cancel because Caleb has been through way too much to lose out on a party. 

So, Captain Caleb had a pirate party at the indoor pool!  We had an amazing treasure chest cake made by the talented Sammi Magee.  She's a high school senior planning to go to culinary school, so let me know if you are interested in having her do a cake for your next shindig! 

caleb with cake

The kids batted at a treasure chest pinata for a while before we determined that it was too well-made and "helped" a bit.  They enjoyed the treasures inside and filled up their treasure chests with toys and candy.

Caleb got some great presents.  Some favorites were his Woody toy to match the Buzz Lightyear he got for Christmas, a horse trailer with lots of horses to go inside, superhero underwear (with BATMAN!!!!), and Thomas pajamas!

After opening presents, we all headed out to the pool!  They had a great time splashing around in the kid's area. 

group photo

caleb face in water

It was a fun, easy party that didn't make a mess in my house!!  :)

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