Friday, January 14, 2011

The Last Hurdles

We cleared our last two hurdles before discharge today...barring any unforseen circumstances, we are all ready to go home!!!

Hurdle #1:  Car seat test

Abby did her car seat test today and passed with flying colors. Not only did she avoid desating or bradying for the two hour time span, but she actually slept soundly through the entire thing quite peacefully.  She was actually kind of annoyed when I took her out.  :)

Hurdle #2:  Nursing care

I interviewed two more nurses today and liked both of them, so we have all of the nursing care we need!  Wahoooooooooo!  That is a huge burden lifted off of my shoulders!  We will still do a few more interviews next week to find a few substitute nurses, but we have what we need in order to go home. 

We've been working hard at packing up RMH and sending home a little at a time, so hopefully the final pack-up won't be a problem.  I have two big storage boxes that I pack up, empty at home, and bring back to repack.  It's been working out well.  I'll take home the last load on Sunday and then we'll just be left with the bare essentials. 

Everything is falling into place quite nicely, and I'm going to pray that it will continue that way!


Anonymous said...

Great news on all fronts! You've all worked so hard to get here. I hope that your transition goes as smoothly as possible! I think you're as well prepared as parents could possibly be, and you'll settle into a nice routine in no time. So glad you've found nurses that you're comfortable with!

Leaving RMH is kind of bittersweet, huh? As glad as I was to have my baby home after 15 weeks, I have to admit I missed my RMH family sometimes!

Let me know if there's anything you all need, we're not far away! You're always in my thoughts & prayers. Happy Homecoming!

Best wishes,
Sarah Lavato

Sandy said...

So glad to hear you have found nurses & will continue to pray for substitutes. Sounds like you really have things ready to go. I am truly impressed with how well things are working out & we all know that the power of prayer has had a lot to do with it-How great is our God~when you look back right now just see how much He has provided & how everything you worried about yesterday He was there taking care of. Love to all. Was so glad to see pics of Caleb's Birthday, makes like I was there. Sandy Murphy