Monday, January 3, 2011

In No Particular Order...

Sorry for the lack of posting the last few days.  I've been a bit busy working on getting the house (you know, that place where I used to live?) ready for Abby and I worked today (you know, at that school I used to go to every day?)

Abby now weighs exactly 6 lbs, 15.8 oz.  She had made it over the 7 lb mark before the nurse realized that she didn't have a new diaper on and had to subtract that weight.  Darn...we almost tricked her!

I made my first trach change mess-up tonight when I forgot to put the opterator in the guide it (What?  You don't know what an opterator is????  Well, it's the plastic hook-looking-thing that goes into the trach tube to make the trach stiff and easier to insert.  Duh.) :)  It ended up being fine, but the trach could have kinked and made a big mess.  I'm glad I made the mistake at the hospital and not at home, and I'm very glad that it didn't cause a big problem!

I'm so excited to have been in touch with a fellow CCMS mom!!  Her beautiful daughter is 6 months old and she's a bow-wearer.  I like her already!  This is such an isolating experience.  I suppose Miss Independent (ahem, that's me) is really being put to the test now!

The house is looking pretty good.  We have some storage for medical supplies and a bedside cabinet now, so we're feeling better about the space.  Caleb is satisfied that he still has a play area and his beloved Hank (a ride-on dinosaur that is taller than him) is still living in the house...just in the basement!

We will get our first supplies delivery on Wednesday.  They will also be doing more vent training then, and I think we'll be taking our test the next time they come.

Tomorrow will be a big day for Abby...something very exciting!  Yep, I'm going to make you wait.  I'm suspenseful like that.  Just call me Ryan Seacrest.  Never fear, I will blog all about it tomorrow night.  (No, she's not going home.  I wish!)  Hopefully, all will go well.

I seriously love my girl.  She was so darn cute tonight!  Wide awake, she just stared at me while I talked to her as if she was just taking it all in.  I do love those dark eyes of hers.  I see so much wisdom and truth in those eyes.  She has gone through things in the last 2 1/2 months that most people don't deal with in their lifetime, and it shows.  She's a special kid.  *tear*

I'm going to end one of my posts each day with my "Feeling of the Day."  This will be a short segment describing my current emotion, since emotions are running high and wild around here these days.  One day, I'm thrilled, the next day, I'm terrified.  And so goes the special-needs rollercoaster.

Feeling of the Day:  anxious. 

I'm anxious for Abby to come home, but anxious about finding qualified nurses to care for her.  I'm anxious about the vent training and anxious to start our new normal. 

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