Sunday, January 9, 2011

Happy Birthday, Caleb!

At 11:31 p.m. four years ago, life as Matt and I knew it ceased to exist.  After 2 hours and 40 minutes of pushing, Caleb entered our world and we've never been the same!

This guy is one of the chattiest, funniest four year olds I know!  He loves to play Batman...and sometimes I think he really thinks he is Batman!  Most kids have an imaginary friend.  Not Caleb!  He has an imaginary group of girls that are high-school aged.  They get him in all kinds of trouble, but we're not sure how to tell him that they aren't a good influence on him!

Caleb loves nature, animals, and exploring.  He will often take his explorer bag with him on walks, using his bird caller to talk to the birds and looking in the sky with his binoculars.  He has a large rock collection under a bush near our front steps and takes pride in finding interesting things on his walks.

A baseball fan, Caleb frustrates Matt to know end with his loyalty to the Orioles instead of the Nationals.  Caleb's buddy Ms. Darlene calls him her Orioles Boy, and he oftens gets in arguments with Daddy over which team is better.  They can agree on one thing though:  BOOOO YANKEES!

He's wanted to be a big brother for a long time and yelled, "Thank you Momma, thank you!!" when we told him that his wish came true.  He adores Abby and loves to make her open her eyes and smile.  So far, Caleb is the only one who can get her to open her eyes just by talking to her.  He loves her unconditionally, and I think the feeling is mutual!

So happy birthday, Caleb-Boy!  This has been a crazy year for you and we've been so impressed by your resilience and patience during the roller coaster.  We can't wait to be all together again!  Love you!
caleb scooter


Erin said...

He is an amazing little boy who blesses the people that he comes around with his happy smile and loving attitude!!! Love you Caleb!!!

Melanie said...

Sweet, Caleb! Happy Birthday!

Dona Ostenso said...

Julie~Your post just brought tears to my eyes. Andrew went back to college today. Time goes so quickly...It seems just like yesterday that Andrew was Caleb's age. I hope Caleb had a very special birthday. He is a special little boy!!