Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Prayer Requests

Thank you, thank you, thank you to all of you who faithfully pray for us.  It is so wonderful to know that so many people love and support us.  As our home date nears, we have some specific prayer requests for you.

*  Abby will continue to be stable enough to go home.

*  Our nursing agency will find qualified, capable nurses that are willing to travel to our area.  This has been a real problem.  So many times, nurses say they travel to our county only find out that we live at the bottom (another 40 minutes) and say no.  I'll be so frustrated if the reason Abby has to stay in the hospital longer is because they can't get the necessary staffing. 

*  The transition home will be smooth for all of us and that we will be able to thoroughly enjoy having Abby home with us.

*  We will all adjust well to strangers being in our home and that we will all have a common goal of providing Abby with top-notch care.  God apparently decided to teach me a little about flexibility and depending on others.  This is SO not me!!!

* Abby will have all of the necessary equipment and supplies--specifically, that the generator will be installed.

*  We will be able to be at peace with whatever career decisions are made.  This has been heavy on our minds recently.


Amanda Davis said...

Julie, The mom's Bible Study group I am in has been praying for your family. I will be sure to mention the specifics you have asked for when I go to Bible Study tomorrow. We continue to lift your family up in prayer. Your faith shines through in all you write. Have a blessed day!

Amanda Davis

Linda said...

Julie, I pray for Abby, you, and your family everyday. Thanks for the specific prayer requests.

I am retired now, so here is my phone number. Please call whenever I can assist.

Linda Rhodes