Friday, January 7, 2011

Getting Updates

Remember that if you would like to receive email updates of blog posts, all you need to do is send me an email at  I will add you to my blog group and you'll start getting the posts emailed to you.  Just "following" my blog on the right hand side of the screen won't get you the updates.

Also, I apologize now for the lack of posting that will be going on this weekend.  Today, we have meetings and more nursing interviews.  Tomorrow is Caleb's birthday party, Sunday is Caleb's actual birthday, and Monday my supply company will be bringing our first delivery.  I'll be home for the better part of the weekend, in a land where there is no internet. 


Yes, I am remedying this as quickly as possible.  If we are never going to leave the house again, I need to have internet so that I can order the grape soda and crab chips.

I have tons of pictures that need to be loaded, edited, and posted, but no time to do it.  I promise to take lots of pictures of Caleb's party and our supplies (I've heard it's boxes upon boxes of stuff!), but I can't promise that I will be posting more pictures in a timely manner.  There's a lot that is taking precedence right, pretty much anything that is going to get my girl home!


MaryJo Bevard said...

Gotta do what YOU gotta do Julie. So glad things are progressing toward your whole family being HOME in Calvert County. Wish I could help with your transition. Don't worry about updates..we'll all be here when you have time. Hugs and Prayers,

Anonymous said...

Dear Ms Leach,
Have been trying to keep up with Abby's progress since she left UMMS. So happy for your family when I heard she will be going home. She is a fighter and there is no doubt where she gets those traits from...Good luck, our thoughts and prayers are with you :)